Over the past 20 years, Amanda has told stories which have shared her innate love for South Africa, with a consistent theme of esteeming and fusing its cultures and their attire, in her ranges. Often, she has mixed this in with a Japanese influence.

The Spring/Summer 2016 collection celebrates this by looking at the brand’s birthplace, Durban, as the subject. The garments and prints draw reference from Durban’s mid-century CBD and modern beachfront architecture, the organic rolling shapes of the ocean, the clothing that people traditionally wear and the angular graphics found in traditional Zulu craft.

Amanda launched Spring Summer 2016 at the Durban Art Gallery on the 1st of September 2016, as part of the Durban Fashion Fair (DFF) program. Amanda Laird Cherry (Ladieswear) opened the show, followed by ALC Menswear, and an archive show presenting select pieces from Amanda’s previous ramp collections closed the night.