The inspiration behind this collection has its root in Amanda’s love of Table Mountain; growing up she spent all of her childhood summers in Cape Town.

“As a young girl, I would visit and spend nights with my Ouma who had an apartment that overlooked Signal Hill and Table Mountain, and I would sit on her balcony and draw all of the hills and mountains
I could see.”

Bringing it forward to Autumn/Winter 2016, the overriding feeling of the collection can be described as Sophisticated Venturing. For Amanda, the collection presents a vision of winter safari resort wear.In a way it’s kind of like a role play - we imagine that we are living an adventure.

The pieces have been designed for a virtual avant garde walk to the top of Table Mountain, where hikers can sit down and enjoy the cold weather on this iconic and nostalgic form of nature. The signature winter floral print was inspired by the unique flora of the Cape.

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